Creative Activity Planning Guide

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What is a Creative Activity?

A Creative Activity is an activity where you invite the group to create something, whether physical or not. The activity can incorporate elements of spirituality or just be fun, but activities that are purely games belong better in Community Building.

Additional Ground Rule

“Respect everyone’s creativity. Avoid down-talking the work of others or your own work.”

Creativity can be intimidating for many people who have been told that they are not artistic. As a leader, you can help make YAG a safe space for being creative by reminding people to avoid saying that anyone’s work is bad, including their own.

Consider Accessibility

A creative activity should be accessible to people of varying artistic talent levels. Consider how people of different learning styles or disabilities can participate. Is your activity messy? Consider supplying gloves for those who are not comfortable with getting their hands dirty. Does your activity have a steep learning curve? Consider how you can introduce people to it. For instance, instead of just asking people to write a poem or make a painting about anything, consider using prompts to guide your activity.


First check the YAG closet shelf to see if anything you need is in there. There is a medley of paper, paint, markers, etc.

If the closet doesn’t have what you need, YAG has a supply budget and can reimburse you. Purchases should be kept under $50. Within two weeks of the purchase, email an image of the receipt with the line items circled to and CC Include your address that the reimbursement check should be sent to.

Is your activity messy? Consider bringing newspaper to protect tables. Leave 5-10 minutes at the end of YAG for cleanup.