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See Suzi's new leader resources document.

Tuesday Nights

The First Parish in Cambridge Young Adult Group has a rotating topic schedule for our Tuesday night meetings. On the first Tuesday of each month we meet for a Community Building discussion or activity, on the second Tuesday we meet for a Spiritual Discussion, on the third Tuesday we meet for either Creative Sharing or a Creative Activity and on the fourth Tuesday we meet for a Worship based discussion or activity. If a month has five Tuesdays, the last Tuesday in the month is used for trying out new and different topics or activities. A short description of each weekly topic can be found below.

Community Building

On the first Tuesday of each month, we have a community building activity. In the past, these have ranged from ice-breakers to games to activities that help us get to know each other better. At our September, 2014 planning meeting, we talked about focusing on getting to know each other better and building trust and teamwork. This theme is pretty broad, so it can be interpreted how the leader likes!

Spiritual Discussion

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Creative Activity

A Creative Activity is an activity where you invite the group to create something, whether physical or not. The activity can incorporate elements of spirituality or just be fun, but activities that are purely games belong better in Community Building.

Creative Activity Planning Guide

Creative Sharing

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Worship Planning Guide